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About Us

BrinkPC is a gap closer in the computer industry, where we aim to please. Operated from a residence in Rhode Island, we build computers that fit our customers needs. BrinkPC was started as an entrepreneurship class project and was put into effect. With over 45 computers built, you can rest assured we are experienced. We opened on October 25th, 2010 and we plan to be around for many years. As we start to take shape over the years we hope to being more ventures including but not limited to; Computer building, tech-reviewing, and website designing.

Our Mission

We are committed to being an honest company where we learn from our mistakes and are always looking to improve ourselves and our service. We are friendly and are always looking to make your computer experience an enjoyable one. We will keep our pricing down with our 'Price / Performance First" is our goal. To provide you unbiased advice based on experiences and facts. When we make a recommendation it's for your best interest, and not for our wallets.